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Trinity Sunday

Our bible passages today are found at the very beginning of the Bible. The creation story tells of a wondrous ‘week’. As I read it, at home in the garden on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday in May, I was struck by the rhythm that the passage has. Days and weeks have begun to merge for me as lockdown, though easing continues. This passage reminds us that, although God works ‘outside time’ in that He is eternal, he is also engaged in our time limited world.

The news was filled last winter with floods and extreme weather events, warning signs that creation and the world was spinning out of control and climate change would spell the end of our environment. Our children of warned us our planet was on a seemingly irreversible path to destruction. And then Covid19 hit. And we stopped. 

Many of us have noticed the louder birdsong, cities are reporting clear air, the canals in Venice are clean again, is our world healing?

A friend of mine noticed a huge number of birds flocking in her garden this week. They are starlings, her mum reported that the starlings used to flock in Dovecot years ago. Well this year they are back.

Have you ever seen a cloud of starlings flying together? It is called a murmuration. They have been studied at length and it appears that they don’t have one leader, as a flock of geese might have, They seem to move together in harmony, sensing together when they need to swoop and dive, no one bird more important than the next.

Trinity Sunday brings to mind the relationship that is between God; the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. One God in three persons, Grace, love and fellowship as we often pray. All three equally important in our walk of faith. Rublev’s Icon, called the Trinity, is a picture of God’s invitation to join Him in this relationship of love. An open side at the table, a chance to be in harmony with him.

Last week Bruce spoke and wrote about Peter and the way in which his life changed as he received the Holy Spirit. There has been a lot of great work undertaken during this Covid19 pandemic, later in this service we will hear about how Gayle and her team at the Opening Doors Project have been supplying food to the community around St. Nathanael's. In our Gospel reading we hear Jesus remind the disciples, and ourselves, that he will be with us always, and to commission them and us to tell this Good news to our local communities in to the world.

As we think about God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit today, do you have a story to tell, about how your God has been at work in your life? 

 I wonder, as we begin to come out of lockdown, will we return to our old frenetic ways, or will we, the human race, have learned to live another way? We will continue to have a new rhythm of life that will benefit the whole of Creation. Please God. Amen

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