Walton Team Ministry

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Walton Team Ministry

Walton Cornerstone

2 Liston Street,

Liverpool L4 5RJ

Communion service and sunday school

The Church of England welcomes all confirmed Anglicans and Christians of other denominations who would normally receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, to take communion in any of the Walton Team Ministry Churches.

If you would like a blessing, then you are very welcome to come forward and kneel at the altar rail with head bowed and hands below the rail.   The priest will know then to bless you.


St Mary the Virgin (Walton Church) and St Aidan's Communion Service commence at 9.30 am on Sunday mornings.  St Nathanael's Communion Service commences at 11 am.  A number of services throughout the year, and in particular during August, are Team Services and these commence at 10.30 am.

Sunday School takes place during the Communion Service.  Children are taken to Sunday School by experienced Sunday School Teachers, and return to Church in time for communion.