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our people:

Reverend Fiona Pennie

Assistant Clergy

mum hat.jpg

Interim Minister

Rev Michael Freeman (2) - Copy.jpg

Reverend Michael Freeman

Assistant Clergy

Rev Jean Flood (2) - Copy.jpg
Reverend Jean Flood
James Gallagher (2) - Copy - Copy.jpg

James Gallagher

Music Director

Anna Banks (3) - Copy.jpg

Anna Banks

Tower Captain

Rita Lacey (2) - Copy.jpg

Rita Lacey

Warden St Mary's


Brenda Nettleton

Warden St Mary's


Vic Betty

Deputy Warden St Mary's

Diane Reagan (3) - Copy.jpg

Diane Reagan

Warden St Aidan's

Les Hughes

Warden St Nathanael's


Jean Hynes

Warden St Nathanael's

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