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Breakdown can be break through if if we recognise a new pattern of life struggling to emerge.

I’ve seen that love is stronger than death, have you?’

Gideon Heugh


The everyday and familiar beckon our return

School runs, commuter routes, schedules and in-trays

e-mail; g-mail; voice-mail; snail-mail; what’s app;

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ is coming again.


Appointments to keep, customers to satisfy

Orders to complete, mistakes to rectify

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ is coming again.


Ends to make meet, uncertainties lurking

Tough decisions to make, dilemmas to ponder

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ is coming again.


Aspirations to fulfil, careers to pursue

Skills to share, accomplishments to celebrate

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ is coming again.


Experiences await; unimagined, unforeseen

Dreamed-of, dreaded or simply routine

Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ is coming again.


Christ who is Lord of all things,

We have wept and shuddered in the face of loss,

Marvelled and rejoiced at miracles of recovery.

May we not return unchanged from that which we have experienced;

But be ready to seek Your living presence in every aspect of our being.


© 2013 Industrial Christian Fellowship (adapted)


We pray:


For Fiona as she conducts three funerals and ministers to three bereaved families this week

For hope and healing for both Bob and Sarah

For guidance for our great city of Liverpool in a time of important decision making

For all those on our hearts


Full of compassion and mercy and love is God,

the Most High, 

the Almighty 



Extravagant God,

we come to wonder and marvel at all that you are,

to celebrate your presence in the world you have made.

Yet, you, the God of all things, find your home

in bedsit, lecture room, library, hospital and bar,

in the grey concrete tower block

the derelict shop, the city street

the broken down play area where children meet

in the struggle and resilience of the poor.


God of our daily lives

We pray for the people of the cities of the world in the midst of pandemic

Working and without work

Homeless or well-housed

Fulfilled or frustrated

Confused and cluttered with material goods

Or scraping a living from other’s leftovers

Angrily scrawling on walls or reading the writing on the wall

Lonely or living in community

Finding their own space and respecting the space of others.

We pray for our sisters and brothers

Mourning and celebrating-

May we share in their suffering and hope.


In our beginning and in things which continue

        Your Kingdom come

        In places which are new to us

        and places which are familiar

        Your Kingdom come

        In homes and households and hospitals

        among friends and strangers

        Your Kingdom come

        In the streets and the cities

        with the suffering and the bruised

        Your Kingdom come

        In our prayers and lives

        Your Kingdom come



We pray:

For Ellen and Eva

For Cathi and her family

For Val and Billy and for the youngsters who have disappointed them

For children preparing to go back to school

For teachers

For all those who mourn...


               God take our prayers and our lives

        We offer ourselves to you

        to be moulded according to your desires

        to be shared by the purpose of your Kingdom

        to celebrate your unique expression

        in each person we meet. Amen

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