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Services this week, the 4th Sunday of Easter

Eucharist at St Aidan's at 10.00am

Eucharist at St Mary's's at 10.30am followed by the APCM

Family service at St Nathanael's's at 11.00am

The next Walton Parish Family Church Messy service will be at Sunday 22nd May 4pm at St Mary's, in the churchyard.

We will be exploring how we follow God and how God appeared to the Israelites in  the wilderness as a pilar of cloud or fire.

Everyone is welcome and we will finish with a bbq!!!


We pray for all those who are coming for baptism or getting married in the Parish

To arrange any service please do contact either Jo in the Parish Office on 0151 525 4002 or Revd Fiona on 07941652488.

Pray with us this Easter Time

Confused by our mixed up world – but not without hope…


Affirmation of Community

Daily, we live side by side, sharing our community,
we take each other for granted, living our lives,
going through our days, seldom thinking of community,
seldom stopping to think of the needs of our neighbours,
caught up, in living and providing for ourselves and family.

Community is just there, and we take it for granted,
until disaster strikes, hardship comes, or weather rages,
then, we suddenly, and desperately, need our community,
we need it to help us survive, keep hope alive, to live.

It is community that provides the essential safety net,
protecting each of us in the face of loss and tragedy, it,
our community that brings out the neighbour in us all.

Today, I will do something to build my own community.


Father God,

In a world that is ever changing and in a society that has all but rejected the truth of your word, we thank you that you are our never-changing Saviour, who knows the end from the beginning and has the universe in the palm of his hand. Develop in us an unwavering trust in the hope that is set before us, knowing that in Christ we have already received your gift of eternal life, by grace through faith in Christ Lord. Amen


Lord, I look to you for orientation.

Without you the landscape is confusing.

My sense of direction is weak,

and, more often than not,

I move in circles,

ending where I began.

But with less energy.


I admire the spire: its builder.

The urge to glorify you

which placed one stone on another

and raised a landmark.

I praise you

whenever I enter an old church

and remember

long centuries of faithful prayer.


But Lord, your landmark is love.

More valuable than any tower.

Weaker yet stronger than any stone.

Enduring, when all else fails.


yet clear to see with eyes of faith.

Shape me, Lord,

as the mason shapes his stone,

with firm blows lovingly aimed,

that I may take my place,

a living stone in your temple.


Lord, I base my life

on the compass point of your love.

Lead me to it

whatever road I take.

And help me point others to it,

by all I do and say.

                                                     Eddie Askew – Disguises of love

Jean's email address       revjflood@hotmail.com

Fiona's email                        revpennie@gmail.com

Bible Study Group

Are you free on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 till 9.00? If so, then why not join our Bible Study Group which meets each week at this time in either St Nathanael's or the Old Grammar School in the grounds of St Mary’s Church? If you want to delve more deeply into God’s word and thereby grow in faith, or, if you simply enjoy a good discussion and a sharing of views, then this is for you. There are about ten of us at the moment and we come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. The discussion is so lively and interesting that, although we set off on a clear path, we often lose the original thread and wander off course because the topic is so wide-ranging and so challenging. However, we all sense that this is the way God wants us to go. We may wander off the pathway but, because it’s the way God wants us to go, the result is very rewarding and very positive. We include some prayers and one or two choruses / hymns and we generally leave feeling  uplifted and blessed. You don’t need any previous Bible knowledge and the course is designed so that you can fit in and join it at any point. Why not give it a try: you might surprise yourself?  If you are interested in joining a group please get in touch with Rev Fiona 07941652488 or Rev Eddie  07787177328.

In other news

The 'Friends of the Historic Parish of Walton' has been launched.

If you would like to hear about events and other news please do sign up to become a friend. You can do this by email, friendsofwaltonparish@outlook.com or come to St Mary's or the Parish office sometime to say hello!

There is a membership cost of £5 per year for an individual, £10 for a family, £15 for an organisation or company. 

The Whatsapp Prayer Group is continuing.  If you would like to join us please do get in touch on 07942652488 for the link.

Revd Jean Flood is leading a small group of us in prayer both via email and as a Whatsapp Group.

This is this week's prayer. If you would like to join us then please email either Jean or myself

St. Aidan
Cherry Lane
St Mary the Virgin
Walton Church
County Road
St Nathanael
Fazakerley road


Welcome to Walton Team Ministry, a group of three churches in the Parish of Walton, Liverpool, that includes Walton Church (St. Mary the Virgin) Walton on the Hill, St Aidan, Cherry Lane, and St. Nathanael, Fazakerley Road.


Our history of serving this community is long and varied. In 1086  Walton Church is recorded in the Domesday book and it is known that a church was here at least 200 years before then.  The church of St. Mary's that we see today has been rebuilt and changed many times over the past 1200 years.  Both St Aidan's and St Nathanael's were opened in 1909 and have become the spiritual heart of their communities.

Throughout the many years of being places of Christian witness our ethos and values remain the same - to provide a place and sense of belonging to those who want to worship and serve our God. 

We hope you find our website useful. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch through our Parish Office by email at waltonparishteam@hotmail.co.uk , or by phone  0151 525 3130.

Full contact details including addresses can be viewed by clicking on the 'Visit Us' tab. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Walton Team Ministry takes its duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously. We have adopted the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines. You can find out more about the national policies and procedures at:   


If you have any safeguarding concerns or issues on a safeguarding matter then you can find useful contact information at:     


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Rev. Fiona Pennie

Interim Minister

Appointment extended for up to 3 years in March 2021 

My Contact details are:

Mobile 07941652488

Email revpennie@gmail.com

Giving financial support to Walton Team Ministry

There are a few ways you can give financial support to us:

1. We have an envelope giving scheme in which you can make your donation. This is strictly confidential. (As we cannot meet together for now please keep filling your envelopes and bring them to our celebration service when we can meet again Thank you)

2. You can set up a standing order.

3. You can make a one off donation using our pay pal account. Just click the button below.